About Us

More than just a music shop!


Founded in 1980 by current owners John and Carol Brandman - two music educators with a strong desire to provide the best value in music education - Engadine Music rapidly outgrew its original location on the Old Princes Highway. The business relocated to the current site in Station St, Engadine, affording it the opportunity to accommodate the needs of an increasingly diverse customer base.


Today, Engadine Music offers musical solutions to all levels of customer; from the player just starting out to the consummate professional, and the trainee educator to the most-experienced and dynamic music teachers in our schools and universities. The original concept of a local music eduction centre has far exceeded those initial goals. Today Engadine Music not only conducts business across the country, but also throughout New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand and across the Asia-Pacific region.


One thing that has been a constant determinant in all of this has been the desire to provide the right solution for the customer. This is achieved by the technical expertise of professional musicians and teachers who are employed by Engadine Music, who combine years of experience with a dedication to personal service.


As the industry has continually changed throughout this era with the advent of new technology, so the business has sought to change, adapt and grow with it. Engadine Music is a leading source for information, advice and supply on the latest equipment, software and instruments available to the contemporary musician.


That does not mean that the traditional player is overlooked. Engadine Music is able to offer every service you may require, from your first purchase to professional upgrades.


With one of Sydney's largest print music selections, combined with an extensive range of accessories, professional tuition for all popular instruments, and a comprehensive repair workshop, Engadine Music is truly 'more than just a music shop!'