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Cole Clark guitars represent the best of Australian innovation in guitar design with respect to the ..

Cole Clark guitars represent the best of Australian innovation in guitar design with respect to the ..

Cole Clark guitars represent the best of Australian innovation in guitar design with respect to the ..

Cole Clark Fat Lady 1 FL1 Bunya Maple Acoustic Guitar (no pickup in this model)Cole Clark guitar..

The mighty Angry Troll from Way Huge Electronics serves up gorgeous portions of volume and gain to p..

The 535Q is the Swiss Army knife of wah pedals. It provides control over the most important wah para..

The fastest, smartest, easiest way to write music The latest generation of the world’s ..

TheGigeasy Mic Stand Side Mount -22%
Side Mount Extension Arm Spring-loaded arms 360º rotation One-handed adjustment Made in U..
$109.00 $85.00

Rhythm Reading and Dictation is a pioneering resource that teaches the skills of..

Whether they are referred to as the Elements, Components or Ingredients, this unique text expertly i..

The YTR2330 trumpet is the perfect starter instrument for students. The main focus for the design wa..

With limited time being depleted by extraneous demands, teachers will welcome thisquality, time..

The futurist 1984 Explorer™ EX is “1984” come to life with a classic form that stands out on stage. ..

Previously produced for the North American market, this guitar is now available in Australia. Featur..

Neil Zaza signature overdrive pedal Transparent and singing low gain overdrive pedal . use ..

Pearl Export Fusion Plus drum kit features 22"x18" bass drum, 10"x7" tom, 12"x8" tom, 14"x14" floor ..


The RODE NT4 stereo microphone offers a perfect X/Y stereo array without the need for matched pair m..

The headjoint is an important factor in determining the tone. The 300 Series flutes are feature, at ..

The new YCL-255 clarinets are the perfect start for young clarinet students. Made from durable ABS r..

Alto Saxophone, Finish: Gold lacquerThe YAS-26 combines state-of-the-art production expertise wi..

The YTS-26 combines state-of-the-art production expertise with design elements of Yamaha professiona..

Keeping the same basic design of the hugely successful YTR-4335G, the new version offers some real i..

The Yamaha Gigmaker Series Drum Kit comes with everything you need to get playing right away.Thi..

The Epiphone Casino: a go-to guitar for generations of artists looking for the look, sound and featu..

Epiphone G-310 For over 15  years, the G-310 has been the go-to instrument for the..

Joe Pass was known as the “president of bebop guitar.” Raised near Jamestown, Pennsylvania, as a tee..

The Les Paul Custom made its entrance into the world in 1954, following on from the success of the L..

The Epiphone Les Paul is a great choice for the player looking for the classic look, sound and feel ..